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Building Community

Cocreating trusted ecosystems

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Communities of Practice’ are groups of people who share a concern (domain) or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better (practice) as they interact regularly (community).


An Overview of Building Communities

With extensive experience in implementing and building communities in large organisations, WorkWell works with you to introduce, advocate or evaluate your community initiative. Developed and refined over the past 8 years, the E5 Framework guides large organisations in the implementation and refinement of building communities. The framework has been used to build and enhance Communities of Practice, Communities of Interest and Communities of Action.


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Embed Communities in your organisation

Connected Work is an amalgamation of multiple New Work Networks and Practices.
WorkWell can help develop the framework and skills required to build and scale communities in your organisation.
Here are four ways we can get started right now. 

Insights and examples of Building Communities in practice