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Connected Work

Embedding a culture of collaboration

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Connected work is the human algorithm that reprograms the way we work in the digital age.


 What is Connected Work?

The nature and experience of the traditional workplace has changed and a new way of working is required for the digital age. Next stage leadership, collaboration and innovation are embedded in the way we work, learn and create in a future fit workplace.

Through interlocking conversations, connections and communities, Connected Work incorporates next stage digital skills with an essential human algorithm, to unlock a culture of co-creation and cross-collaboration.


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Benefits of Connected Work

✓ Reduce Bottlenecks and slow decision-making through collective ownership

✓ Encourage diverse collaboration and input for working, learning and innovating.

✓ Enable a shift in focus to continuous learning and innovation

✓ Empower conversations and connections that reach across organisational boundaries


Embed Connected Work in your organisation

WorkWell can help introduce the mindset and practices needed to shift the way teams work together inside your organisation.  

Insights and Examples of Connected Conversations in practice

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